Reliable software and WEB-development

Do you have ambitious plans for development but HR can’t find you the required number of developers? Well, here we are. We will support your IT-team with our stable and smart engineers who you will enjoy working with. We’ll also make it fast.


We are ready to help companies of any size with even the most complex technical tasks.


EdgeCase Technology — service technology company, founded in 2015.

EdgeCase Technology — we are a service technology company that was founded in 2015. We unite the best developers, system architects, product managers from Eastern and Western Europe. Our main value is our staff. Our main message is that we do not just write code, we solve  business tasks using all of the available modern technology stack.

We have confirmed expertise in the following areas: e-commerce, medicine, manufacturing, finance, logistics and machine learning. We work successfully, with large and well-known customers,  as well as with ambitious start-up companies.

EdgeCase Technology — we are your reliable business partner. We allow you to delegate the most complex technological tasks, while you can focus on the strategic development of your business.


We are not afraid of any difficulty. The more complicated your project, the more fun we have to implement it.