We can help your bank implement a solid IT strategy with a wide range of platform-based and custom banking software solutions.

We provide software solutions and IT services for both retail and corporate banking to improve relationships between banks and your existing and potential customers. We offer IT consulting services as well as implementation, integration, testing, deployment, and support for either platform-based or custom banking software development projects.


Consulting for digital transformation

We are ready to help you enhance your IT ecosystem, either through development of an enterprise digital strategy or a transition to a new technology platform. We will help you see how banking solutions can improve your business and identify the best platform for your needs and provide an estimate of costs.


Consulting for the IT-based customer experience

We will walk you through all of the software options available to enhance and optimize the experience of your customers and help you choose the best option for your business needs.


Solution implementation

Rather than choosing a pre-packaged option off the rack, we are available to develop new solutions from the ground up that will reflect your bank’s unique business models.


Ongoing maintenance and support

We are always available to provide ongoing support and maintenance services for your banking software and keep your tech support costs down. We’ll look after all work related to upgrades, updating designs, fine-tuning for performance, and installation of patches.





Enjoy these benefits of our software solutions:

  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Clearer picture of customer behavior
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Increased lifetime value
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Higher volumes of loans and deposits
  • Improved cooperation with Fintechs
  • Higher staff satisfaction rates
  • Better operational efficiency
  • Lower operating costs



We can meet your organization’s unique needs with a full set of custom and platform-based solutions.

Internet banking

With custom internet banking, respond to growing customer demands for secure, 24/7 account access.

Our custom internet banking solutions give you powerful functionalities whether you are updating an existing system or creating a new solution from the ground up. Your clients will benefit from a range of features including:

  • Access to detailed information about all deposit and credit accounts
  • Transferring funds between accounts
  • Creating card limits
  • Making bill payments
  • Ordering account statements and other documents
  • Locaing your ATMs and branches

Mobile banking

Enable customers with full banking capabilities on the go.

Customer bank portals

Offer customers safe and user-friendly co-working opportunities with customized banking solutions and SharePoint portals.

Banking CRM

Dynamics 365/CRM and Salesforce allow you to communicate with current and potential customers and generate data on your customers.

By implementing CRM solutions, we can help you improve effectiveness in a range of customer-facing activities, including:

  • Managing the customer experience
  • Providing customer support
  • Managing customer data
  • Up-selling and cross-selling
  • Systematically nurturing customer leads
  • Tracking channel activity

Loyalty programs

Use innovative opportunities to increase customer engagement.

  • Create flexible reward systems
  • Adopt omni-channel approaches to customer relationship management
  • Create omni-channel communications
  • Implement gamification elements to your programs

Data analytics

Convert raw data into actionable, reliable, and consistent insights to create new opportunities.

We can help you develop and implement a range of bank data analytics:

  • Customers (attrition, segmentation, effectiveness of cross-selling, etc.)
  • Channels (analysis of branch transactions, customer traffic, search behavior, most accessed web-pages, click patterns, most popular mobile banking features, etc.)
  • Marketing (factors that increase sales, marketing campaign success, etc.)
  • Risks (operational, credit, market, liquidity, etc.)
  • Performance (sales, branch and digital channels, profitability, etc.)

Custom lending software

Lower your risk, save time and money, and improve the reliability and speed of your loan decisions.

  • Implement web-portals or custom mobile apps to speed up mortgage application processes
  • Digitize your loan origination, underwriting, and servicing
  • Introduce a customizable borrower portal for every type of loan
  • Improve convenience in mortgage lending processes by implementing e-signatures, e-delivery, and e-closing tools
  • Use our lending software to establish a single system of record for your lending operations

Custom payment software

Use the opportunity of digital payments to your advantage.

  • Give customers the ability to make person-to-person payments in real time
  • Use custom mobile payment solutions to guarantee quick and secure transactions
  • Improve customer loyalty by implementing NFC or QR-based mobile wallets (for information related to debit/credit cards, loyalty programs, coupons, etc)
  • For business clients, streamline accounts payable processes

Bank intranet

Enable improved interactions between your employees.

  • Build a sense of community and promote corporate values
  • Share information to all staff in a consistent manner
  • Provide a unique environment for informal communication and sharing of information
  • Streamline communication, collaboration, and communication between units and locations

Document management

Enable seamless and automated internal circulation of documents.

  • Ensure all documents comply with bank policies and industry regulations
  • Establish workflows for the receipt, routing, and completion of documents automatically
  • Support multiple document templates by establishing a single library

Knowledge management

Corporate knowledge is an asset to tap into through SharePoint knowledge management.

  • Create a corporate knowledge base and central hub for conversation
  • Share case studies, corporate training information, policy updates, etc.
  • Promote events, seek feedback, and conduct consultations


All of our banking software solutions are fully-compliant with all regulatory standards and requirements (FRS, Dodd-Frank Act, Payment Application Data Security Standard, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, SOX, etc.).


We’re prepared to take on the banking industry’s toughest business challenges:

  • Scattered customer communication
  • Diminishing customer trust levels
  • Customer attrition
  • Insufficient CX and loyalty
  • Poor cross-selling
  • Limited access to information about customers
  • Growing Fintech competition.