We can turn your game-changing idea into a responsive desktop application.

We provide development services for platform-specific and cross-platform desktop apps. Let us help you bring your software vision to reality. Build customer loyalty through the implementation of the most suitable software for your manufactured devices and equipment.


We are prepared to generate the best possible outcome for your project, whether we are involved in a single stage or your entire development cycle.

Business analysis

We begin by having our business analysts conduct a thorough analysis of the your requirements. This leads to a comprehensive description of the requirements for functionality, appearance, and experience.


Software architecture

With detailed planning and architecture design in the pre-development stage, we recommend the optimal technology options based on your specific industry and needs — always keeping an eye to minimizing costs and ensuring high performance.

UI design

Our design team works closely with our customers and developers to blend user needs, visual identity, and current design trends to create desktop software that is user-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing. We focus on anticipating and understanding every user interaction, developing mock-ups, collecting feedback, and designing for a consistent of visual identity while finding appropriate places to implement fresh ideas.

Development of software

Our focus is on delivering ready-to-go desktop applications to users. However, as part of our development service, we will also work on individual project components (e.g. delivery of a version for a specific platform, testing, maintenance) as requested or bring in a specific competency to enhance a customer’s existing IT team.
We follow a proven process that includes holding architectural sessions, reviewing code, writing self-documenting code, and unit testing. Then, we focus on delivering software that can be maintained with a clear, unified code structure. You will not be locked into any specific technology, and you even can explore other service providers to modify a solution even while continuing to work with us for maintenance.
Our desktop team will focus on:

  • Performance: Ensuring our desktop solutions are able to quickly address complex tasks.
  • Security: Multilayered protection for apps delivered offline.
  • Convenience: Extensive planning and testing to ensure our apps are user-friendly.
  • Ease of integration: Ensuring our desktop applications can be easily integrated with customers’ existing off-the-shelf or custom enterprise software.

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance methodologies, including functional, performance, and localization testing, are designed to satisfy the high expectations that customers have for our end product.
We will provide all test documentation (test plans, cases, and checklists) when we deliver desktop applications so that you can clearly see how the application peforms in a variety of situations. This makes future modifications simpler.

Ongoing maintenance

Once a desktop application has been integrated into your operations, we offer ongoing 24/7 maintenance and support services to assist with any necessary updates and to make modifications as new business challenges and innovative feature opportunities arise.


When we deliver a desktop application, we include:

  • clearly-documented source code
  • full test documentation; one-year warranty
  • long-term maintenance
  • specially-designed desktop application for your business requirements





Cross-platform development

Using Qt-based development, our desktop software will be high-performance and run with a smooth UX on major operating systems including Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Instead of developing specific applications for each platform, we utilize cross-platform design — this shortens delivery time, and saves you money.
To ensure a new application flawlessly integrates with your existing systems, our team provides a specialized installer that supports automated checks and that is based on the OS version, language settings, third-party libraries, other installed software, or previously-installed versions.

Application updates

Timely fixes and enhancements to desktop apps are critical for the end user, but they must also be delivered in a convenient fashion. We can arrange for the entire process (checking, downloading, installing) to occur automatically, for previous versions to be updated automatically, with manual process triggering, or full application re-installation.

Applications using OS functions

We integrate our desktop applications closely with OS functions such as rebooting, timely blocking of internet access, application auto-updates, adding app icons in taskbars, and incorporating functionality into the OS context menu. This results in an application that is easy for users to work with.


  • Linux: Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04, 16.04; Debian 8, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0
  • macOS 10.8 through 10.12
  • Windows 7, 8, and 10



We analyze customer needs to identify the optimal technology for every project.

  • C++ Qt enables high-performance applications and lower costs due to a single source code base for all platforms. A top choice for cross-platform desktop app development, used by 5 of the top 10 Fortune 100 companies.
  • Java SWING is popular for legacy application maintenance. It can be used for cross-platform desktop development, but applications tend to run more slowly and without a standard GUI on Windows.
  • .NET WPF enables seamless integration of desktop applications with Microsoft products.



Our broad experience with software development in the banking, financial services, healthcare, retail, and telecommunications industries enables us to easily communicate with our customers and quickly learn their business needs and expectations. This results in viable solutions to meet customers’ needs and industry standards.