We build java projects from from the ground up.

We are prepared to tackle your java-based software issues by developing a new Java application from scratch, migrating from legacy applications to a new solution, or implementing new modules to your software.


We have a number of Java development options and can help you choose the best one for your needs:

Turnkey softwarebuilding all-new software from concept to implementation.


Pricing model optionschoose between Waterfall with a fixed price or Agile with T&M.


Migration to Javaplanning and implementing migration of your legacy applications to Java with a focus on minimizing costs for supporting outdated softwares.


Team augmentationproviding our specialists to support your team with specialized expertise, domain, or general knowledge for implementation of your project.


Issue-based consultinghelping you address specific one-time issues, such as how to implement your Java project or solve development challenges related to performance, integration, or stabilization.



Unclear project requirementsWe’ll begin every project by establishing detailed specifications, through collaboration with stakeholders, to address your specific business needs. Alternately, we can usethe Agile model that allows software to be built incrementally, with requirements modified as needed at any stage of the project.


Significant mid-stream project revisionsStuff happens. We’re willing to respond quickly to change requests by switching gears and bringing in more resources as necessary.


Limited budgetWe will ensure delivery of your project on budget by using a Fixed Price model. Or, if T&M is preferred, we will stay focussed on cautious resource distribution throughout the project.


Tight deadlinesBy implementing our mature processes, solid architecture, and quality assurance from the project’s start, we finish every project by our agreed-upon deadline.



Server-side application development

Microservices architecture

  • Entire applications as microservice infrastructure: Our Java applications are developed based on microservices so you improve fault isolation, enable continuous deployment, and avoid long-term obligations to a single technology stack.
  • Developing for existing microservice infrastructure: We can add new microservices to your Java application and integrate them with existing apps to extend your application’s functionality.
  • Moving from monolith applications to microservices: We can split complex monolith applications into microservices to increase the ease of maintenance.

The tools and frameworks we have access to include Apache Cassandra and Kafka, Clouds, Docker, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ, RDBMS, Spring Boot and Reactor, and more.


Reactive architecture

  • Fast/high-load applications: By using one server to save memory space, our Java applications are always responsive even under high load, allowing for software flexibility, resilience, and scalability.
  • Interactive applications: We are able to develop games, chats, and other multi-user apps with quality interactive UI and UX whilemeeting high response time requirements.

The tools and frameworks we have access to include Akka, Asynchronous Servlets, FlatBuffers, JSON, Netty, RxJava, Undertow, Vert.x, WebSockets and more.


Traditional architecture

  • Web apps with database back-end: develop and support CMS, CRM, CERP and HIE systems, as well as other solutions using both relational databases (MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL) and non-relational databases (Apache Cassandra, MongoDB).
  • Plugin-based app in OSGi container: create complex plug-in apps that easily support extended functionality.
  • Java EE (J2EE) apps: developing and deploying robust and scalable apps cable of serving diverse enterprise needs.

The tools and frameworks we have access to include Java EE and Spring Framework.



Real-time processing

  • Aggregated GPS sensor data flow processing: developing real-time Java apps to collect, process and store information from GPS sensors.
  • Sensor monitoring with reports and forecasts: Java apps track sensor condition on an ongoing basis.
  • User-based advertisements and recommendations: creating software enabling you to target users with appropriate content based on age, location, experience, and online actions.
  • Stream processing for IoT: developing Java apps for a range of smart devices on the Internet of Things network – interconnecting, managing and gathering data.
  • Spam and fraud detection: Java apps that detect attempted security breaches and filter unwanted content on the go.

The tools and frameworks we have access to include Apache Kafka, Spark and Storm, Graph Processing, Machine Learning Library (MLlib), Spatial4j, and more.


Offline processing

On a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, we can provide you with reporting and analyses from the results of real-time data processing.
The tools and frameworks we have access to include Akka, Apache Hadoop and HDFS, and more.



  • Full-text search: our solutions display those parts of the original text that match the search criteria included in the user’s query. We can enable multi-lingual and semantic searches and results ranking based on relevance.
  • Graph-based search: software to allow for searches based on the criteria specified by the user.

The tools and frameworks we have access to include Elasticsearch, Neo4j, and more.