Experience reliable performance and a seamless user experience with custom and web applications.

Our experienced web application development team is ready to support businesses operating in banking, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and telecommunications.


  • Custom solutions
    Leveraging our experience across multiple industries, wedevelop custom web applications specifically to meet your needs and smoothly integrate them into your existing business systems.

  • Off-the-shelf software
    Whether you are in the software product industry or are a non-IT firm, wealso offer the option of using outsourced products that we have developed.



Every app is unique, as is our process for distributing business logic between a web app’s front- and back-ends. Detailed architecture planning allows us to find the right balance of interactivity and stability.

Front-end Development

We stay on top of the cutting edge technologies in front-end development to ensure our apps are simple, powerful, and aesthetically-pleasing. Our current stable of technology options includes languages and techniques such as Ajax, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and jQuery as well as frameworks like Angular JS, Backbone, Bootstrap, EmberJS, Foundation, MeteorJS, and ReactJS.

Back-end development

We fully assess our customers’ business needs in order to select the most suitable back-end development tools for each project. We choose from a wide range of technologies to develop capable and sound back-ends and offer additional administration to ensure the appropriate content management system is deployed and customized to meet your needs. Our tool options include:
CMSs: Drupal, Pimcore, and WordPress
Frameworks: ASP.NET, Django, Express, Laravel, Pyramid, Spring, Symfony, and Zend (legacy web app maintenance)
Languages: Java, JavaScript (NodeJS), .NET, PHP, and Python.

Database development

Our team can help you build your application’s first database, or integrate into an existing database. From the best available SQL and NoSQL databases, we will find the right one for your project. Options include Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Redis, Sybase, and more.


Single-page Apps

Secure and stimulating web experiences can result from a skillfully-developed single-page web app. We ensure the responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility of your app and meet performance expectations by designing interactive SPAs.

Progressive Web Apps

With tablets and smartphones becoming increasingly important for users’ web experiences, every web app must be mobile-friendly. Google’s definition of “progressiveness” is our guide: the apps we develop must be easy to install from the user’s home screen, available offline, and responsive even on a 2G network.




  • Enterprise systems
    We can build web-based enterprise apps that become core elements of your business workflow, including systems for asset management, order management, and process management. Your employees’ daily tasks will be made easier with our products’ stable operation and intuitive UI.


  • Web Portals
    We build web portals for healthcare, learning, partners, vendors, while maintaining focus on your company or your customers.We bring together the range of required functionalities in a way that is intuitive and convenient for users.


  • Ecommerce
    To enhance your online business, we can offer development of B2B e-commerce portals, e-shops, booking and payment systems, and implement cashback services. We can provide comprehensive Magento development from UI/UX design through customization and ongoing maintenance. We hold a Magento Solution Partner certification.


  • Industry-specific business solutions
    Our experience has prepared us to find solutions to challenges in a variety of industries including banking, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail. Relying on customer input to ensure that we understand their needs, we come up with concepts for effective automation tools which our designers and developers work to implement and integrate into current in-house systems.