Our experts can advise you on the first steps toward your new mobile app.

Our mobile consulting services include: the development of new app concepts from the drawing board to implementation; research into device compatibility; MVP and PoC development; and improvement of features and usability in existing mobile solutions. We rely on our team’s extensive expertise in mobile app development to help businesses address their mobile app needs.


If you are interested in developing a new app for your business, or if you have thoughts on how your existing mobile solution could be improved, ask our experts to have a look. Our experienced business analysts and mobile developers will analyze your ideas and business needs and make an assessment based on:

  • technological complexity;
  • easibility;
  • device and platform compatibility;
  • competitiveness and market potential and
  • ost.

In the event that you have two or more mobile apps in mind, we will also examine every opportunity related to the reuse of code, back-end functionality, and UI/UX compatibility.


After assessing your business needs against our research and feasibility studies, we will determine whether improving an existing app is a viable option or if a new mobile solution will be more effective. In addition to implementing the final solution, we also offer the following:

  Documentation of the development process   Blueprints for product architecture
  Plans for establishing a database   Evaluation of UI/UX
  Independent review of all code   Strategies and schedules for future updates


We will help you choose your ideal OS and specific mobile development platform. With our knowledge of the capabilities of native, hybrid, and cross-platform development tools, we will recommend the best development option based on your requirements and budget.


The convenience and simplicity of your new app is essential to making it popular with your audience. We will develop user-friendly functionalities and offer suggestions to improve your current UI/UX. We will also develop a detailed UI/UX blueprint to ensure your app’s ease of use in the future.


Once you’re as excited about the detailed plans for your app as we are, we’ll be ready to turn these ideas into a feasible prototype. A proof of concept will give you the chance to confirm that we understand your vision and enable us fine-tune every detail together before we move into final development of your app.


Of course, information security is a top priority in our development of consumer and enterprise mobile applications. Whether you operate with a BYOD, POCE or COPE policy, we will ensure the security of user and server data that is queried by the application.


The integration of your new mobile app with servers or existing in-house solutions will be a critical stage in our project. We are well-prepared to deal with any challenges that may arise as we integrate with back-end, ECM, ERP, and CRM.