IT solutions to help customers drive their business based on data analytics.

Your business’ historical and real-time data is a valuable resource. We focus on turning this data into insights while also designing precise forecasting tools. This allows us to develop IT solutions that will fully ensure data integration, management, visualization, and quality assurance.


Data visualization and dashboarding

With custom-designed dashboards and reports, our customers can easily track their key performance indicators; monitoring progress, identifying trends, flagging suspicious behavior.

Data warehousing

We will build a stable environment to enable us to solve specific analytical tasks. This includes a full infrastructure made up of a data warehouse, ETL processes, OLAP cubes, etc., and it can be built to support clients working with multiple languages and currencies.

Big data consulting

Our services enable customers to discover and utilize the potential in their big data. We can access a variety of technologies including Amazon RedShift, Apache Cassandra, Hive, Kafka and Storm; MLlib and others. Our process includes cleary understanding the customer’s needs and developing a conceptual solution; designing architecture; implementing the solution; and providing ongoing support and maintenance.

Data management

We will build rules and policies to ensure effective data management, with an eye to the critical elements of data access, integration and quality integration.

Advanced data analytics

We help customers identify and respond to both opportunities and threats as early as possible, with predictive and prescriptive analytics based on complex rule-based algorithms and machine learning.

Data analysis

Many businesses are not prepared to build an in-house data analytics team, and prefer to rely on a trusted outsourcing partner. With the infrastructure and resources and place, we can easily provide this service and only require access to customers’ data sets.





Performance analytics

We work with our customers to identify and define the appropriate key performance indicators for their business, and to build a clear ranking of individual, departmental and strategic metrics. Our perceptive and easy-to-read dashboards are based on each user’s role, to enable clear understanding by all players of progress achieved.

Financial analytics

Our tailored financial reporting enables customers to make business decisions informed by accurate statements, real-time data and predictive forecasting. We address financial issues such as effective cash flow and management of working capital, and also help build partnerships between business managers and CFOs.

Marketing analytics

We support marketing teams by implementing analytical solutions to identify market trends, measure the success of their activities, determine competitor benchmarks, analyze product portfolios and forecast demand.

Customer analytics

Businesses need to understand what their customers’ want, assess the success of promotions, and create unique experiences that are focussed on their customer. We assist our customers in building processes for the collection, processing and analyzing of customer data from a variety of sources.

Sales analytics

We provide customized dashboards to support sales departments. This enables them to have insight into revenue, accounts by type and by location, recent wins and opportunities and product performance.

HR analytics

We offer customers the ability to identify HR issues fast so they can respond quickly. Measuring staff turnover, improving employee productivity, and finding ways to build employee engagement become opportunities rather than crises.

Operational analytics

By providing businesses with meaningful real-time reports, they are able to make sense of sensor and IoT data on the performance of their machinery. By analyzing external and internal data, we can also help companies to improve business processes.



  • Lack of reports and dashboards: we offer analytics platforms and solutions to allow for evidence-based decision making, and support self-service analytics through the provision of ready reports and data infrastructure.
  • A need for real-time analytics: we are prepared to deliver regular and ad hoc timely real-time reporting.
  • Lack of integration: Slow data integration is not acceptable; we help businesses see the full picture through business intelligence at any given time.