icon_as_is AS IS
icon_to_do TO DO
icon_must_be MUST BE

This simple approach helps us to clearly describe every project milestone for both our team and the client company. We start with a discussion on the project stage “as is”, covering progress, problems and possible risks. We then precisely depict the outcomes, which must be delivered at the end of the stage. Finally, we define the specific actions that need to be taken in order to reach our current goals.


We follow an agile philosophy and use best-practice solutions to ensure quality, flexibility, and customer-orientation of the end-product.

The project roadmap helps to visualize the high-level project activity. Sprints and backlog are managed with reliable JIRA software.


The Kanban model keeps us productive within a sprint. We use the Trello project management tool that clearly depicts current tasks and project improvements. It focuses on the deliverables and is perfectly compatible with our result-driven attitude.